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Wednesday, 03. November 2010

Weight-loss experts have warned that eating onions drink less milk
By colorfully09, 08:54

Weight-loss experts have warned that eating onions drink less milk

Onions - a good choice Xiangshou

For the case of a cold constitution and abdominal fat accumulation, eating onions can be improved. Onions are rich in vitamin C, eat a little during the Eat onions can make you full of energy, but would not normally eat less and lose the look.

Onion is a warm foods, can increase the body's yang, and markedly increase the immune capacity, helps blood circulation, speed up the body's metabolism.
Drink less or do not drink milk

Today, most dairy farmers for high yield, feed in the dairy to add a lot of hormones and antibiotics. Partial cold milk and can easily lead to physical Deficiency. From the Chinese point of view, milk is an chill foods. Yang qi, yin shape. Chill of things easily lead to poor blood popular, easy to promote the formation of the visible mass.

Drink moremilk will make people fat. Do not think it is good to Chinese medicine, "dozens of fat nine virtual." Milk slowly consumed the body's yang, so that people become virtual function of spleen and stomach becomes weak, which is the root cause of milk can lead to obesity. Yang fat people like to add, do not use food to chill reducing method, so the more virtual the more diarrhea, the more virtual the more fat, but will lead to more disease.

After the human body as long as the baby is no longer on the secretion of those enzymes can break down the milk composition, and there is no such body of digestive enzymes, milk drink will turn into endless number of decomposition of protein, amino acid substances, the body can not derive nutrition, but it takes a lot of effort metabolized, so the milk is a kidney and the stomach will consume the gas thing.

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