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Friday, 10. December 2010

Kill two birds with thin and eat dates Breast
By colorfully09, 04:33

Kill two birds with thin and eat dates Breast
Medical studies have proven that dates contain proteins, amino acids, carotene, vitamins, etc., good for the liver. Chinese medicine is that the dates and warm sweet, with a replenishing spleen, harmonic effects of the medicine, the efficacy of nourishing rather God is a prescription medicine commonly used products. Jujube is also a wonderful product to lose weight and breast Oh!

1. Jujube Hot water:
For anemia caused by excessive blood of women have to help improve the cold, pale and cold hands and feet of the phenomenon. The nature of peace and dates, whether before or after menstruation,Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|Benz Star|Renault CAN Clip|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Fly 100 Honda|x431|VCM IDS|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A can drink. Very high anti-aging and beauty effect.
Dates for containing a variety of nutrients, maintenance of the skin of female beauty and extremely effective, and research into powder to attract better to drink tea directly.
2. The public has a Capture beauty recipe:
Wolfberry powder with flour soaked in water to drink plus dates. 1 to 2 cups a day, and even drink a month, and his face will naturally rosy shine. MM face daily especially for dull complexion Oh.
3. Black fungus soup dates:
【Materials】 black fungus powder 15 grams, jujube powder 20 grams.
】 【Practice with the right amount of boiling water, the black fungus powder, red powder and red dates can be opened.
【Effect】 black fungus in the gum can be left in the digestive tract of the impurities, the waste excreted after adsorption, in addition, black fungus, the class contains nucleic acid, can reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, continuous consumption of 1 ~ 2 months breast can play a slimming effect.

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