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Ultra-thin Simple Bath
By colorfully09, 03.11.2010, 10:13

Ultra-thin Simple Bath Ginger: a piece of ginger ground into mud or cut into filaments, into the bathtub, packed in small sacks are OK, ginger with a warm bubble has the effect of the body, Paowan bath and then washed look, however, will be allergic skin tickle them, please avoid the use of ginger.


Rose: Rose in hot water, put some natural, there are soothing emotional effect. Want to enjoy the romantic atmosphere it to come on some natural, emotion is a good upgrade yang Dafa Oh! Orange, lemon: use dried orange peel, that is, we say that the orange peel, lemon is sliced directly into the bath. Lemon can be beautiful skin, a warm orange body effect. Basil soup: fragrant basil, to good effect yang and cold, cold hands and feet help to improve and gynecological diseases. Wormwood soup: soup, especially recommended wormwood, rational blood, by damp and warm and so on, in particular, can improve the body's immune ability and yang, good for skin but also healing effects.

Wine: contains tannins and grape polyphenols, antioxidant that blood, promote blood circulation. Better in warm water bath of red wine effect, through the sweat glands and sebaceous gland secretion, so that block the pores of dirt and grease to be removed, so that rapid increase in both body and skin temperature, skin temperature activated to restore elasticity and showed pale pink. Therefore, the blood bath of red wine is very obvious effect of the warm muscles, especially for winter maintenance.

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